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  • Step 1:

    Contact Us When you're ready to schedule an appointment, simply contact us through the provided contact information on our website. You can reach out to us via phone or email, and our friendly staff will assist you in finding the most suitable appointment time.

  • Step 2:

    Discuss Your Preferences During your initial contact, let us know your preferences for the appointment, such as your preferred date and time, and any specific concerns or questions you may have. Our staff will work with you to accommodate your needs and find an appointment slot that works best for you.

  • Step 3:

    Secure Your Appointment Once we have identified a convenient appointment time, we will guide you through the process of securing your appointment. Our staff will provide you with all the necessary details, including any required paperwork or consent forms, and instructions for the upcoming telepsychiatry session.

  • Step 4:

    Telepsychiatry Session On the scheduled date and time of your appointment, prepare yourself for a face-to-face online video session. Our telepsychiatry platform ensures a secure and confidential connection for your session. You will have the opportunity to discuss your concerns, receive professional guidance, and collaborate on a personalized treatment plan with our licensed psychiatric professionals.

  • Step 5:

    Follow-Up Care Depending on your treatment plan, you may require follow-up appointments or ongoing care. Our staff will assist you in scheduling any necessary follow-up sessions to ensure continuity of care and monitor your progress.